Week 1 Meal Plan

Welcome to our first week meal plan! We would love to hear your feedback as well in our Facebook group if you have suggestions for the recipes! This is for the whole group and we love doing life with you!

This meal plan is meant to be followed directly or you can choose to replace certain meals within it on any given day! When following our guide you will be having a shake for breakfast and then we have listed lunch and dinner with snack options added to your grocery list. The grocery list represents all the meals in the guide for that week, so if you choose to sub out a meal make sure it is reflected in your own shopping list!

*Vegetarian options- omit meat, and sub veg stock from your shopping list and see notes in recipes. Add to your shopping list extra: asparagus, bell pepper, garbanzo beans, mushrooms, Portobello, spinach, sweet potato, zucchini


Fresh and Clean Recipes- Menu Planning- Week 1

Menu Week 1 – printable PDF

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