If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

– African Proverb

So often in our fast paced lives we blink and have no idea how we got from point A to point B; or more importantly who helped us get there.

We have shared 20 amazing years together. Brittany was the first to teach us about motherhood, and not long after Shayna and Cathy each had children of their own. We constantly learn and grow from one another as mothers. We have a bond that is built on complete trust and emotional support that is unbreakable. Together we have experienced pure joy and extreme tragedy, all of which keeps us strong and connected forever.

For this new and exciting chapter of our lives we have become inspired to be healthy. As we start to age and our children grow it becomes apparent that we need to be as healthy and strong as we can. We want to be around to watch our children grow-up and someday have children of their own. As moms we constantly struggle with weight gain and lack of energy. When by simply changing a few bad habits, it can easily be fixed.

Our other concern is living in fear of cancer. What if we were to tell you there is a way to crush that fear. It is proven that certain foods we eat can either feed the cancer or kill it.

We are working together as a team to give you the tools to eat healthy in your fast paced life. Coming from us three working moms we can tell you it’s going to definitely be hard but not impossible!

We invite you to be part of our team and grow with us in this journey of a healthy lifestyle––and we guarantee you will never look back.

–Shayna, Brittany & Cathy